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Spring Break

2012-03-06 19:10:47 by MetalFrog77

Spring Break is here for me and that means sleep and hitting up some raves.


2011-12-14 02:35:46 by MetalFrog77

Well my finals are coming up and staying up late trying to study. Everything is going well until halve way through I look at my Bio text book and say "The fuck am I reading."


2010-02-27 21:17:09 by MetalFrog77

So I finally put my first animation up so I hope you guys like it

My Start

2010-01-30 00:07:49 by MetalFrog77

So yeah im workin on an animation I guess. Doing a story board so im not confused on what to do next. Trying to work on character movement as well, see if it goes well. Also the character designs. No real rush but if I can i'll try to upload it before summer or late spring(SAT, HSPA, and finals might slow me down). But as a side project I got some stick figure animation that are almost done.